New Poll Shows Colorado Voters Concerned About Rising Costs of Healthcare and Favor Proactive Reforms

Majority Favor Medicare Public Option or Medicare for All Over Current System

Denver, Colo. (December 5, 2019) — A majority of Coloradans are concerned about the rising costs of healthcare and prescription drugs, and prefer a public option to enroll in Medicare or Medicare for All over the current system, according to a statewide survey by Healthier Colorado, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of all residents throughout our state’s diverse communities.

The poll was conducted November 6-9, 2019, among a sample of 650 active voters, with an oversample in West Slope counties. Roughly half of voters surveyed (45%) said the cost of healthcare is unaffordable, while an overwhelming majority (82%) believe the cost of prescription drugs and medication is too high. When presented with the option to keep the current system in which health insurance is purchased through one’s employer or privately, or move to a public option or Medicare for All, only one-third of voters prefer to keep the current system. The other two-thirds were evenly split between wanting a public option and Medicare for All.

Healthier Colorado commissions the yearly survey to understand what voters want and to inform how the organization can best advocate for the health interests of Coloradans.

“Our goal is for every Coloradan to have access to quality, affordable healthcare,” said Jake Williams, executive director of Healthier Colorado. “Healthcare consistently ranks among the top issues for voters, and we’ve seen a range of proposals from 2020 presidential candidates — from tearing down the Affordable Care Act, to building upon it, to Medicare for All. It’s clear voters are dissatisfied with our current system, and we will continue to push for reforms that deliver quality care for everybody at an affordable price.”

Overall, a majority of Coloradans (52%) believe Colorado is headed in the right direction. When asked about elected officials running for election in 2020, only 37% have a favorable view of President Donald Trump, while 60% view him unfavorably. Senator Cory Gardner, currently running for his second term fares less favorably, with 33% favorable, 45% unfavorable.

Analysis of the poll results from Keating Research can be found here.

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