Mayor Hancock Reelected to Third Term as Mayor of Denver

Supporters, friends and family celebrated late into the night after Mayor Hancock was declared victorious in his reelection campaign.

DENVER (June 4, 2019) – – Joined onstage by his wife, Mary Louise Lee, their children and an enthusiastic group of supporters, Mayor Hancock thanked his staff, volunteers and the entire city of Denver for all the work they put in to get him reelected.

Addressing the crowd of hundreds, he said, “This is the people’s victory, because the people powered this campaign.. This is for everyone in Denver. Nowhere else in this entire country has a city pulled together after the recession like we did and transformed itself into the very best place to raise a family and build a future.”

Mayor Hancock said his third and final term in office will be dedicated to making Denver the most equitable, welcoming, modern and progressive city in the United States.

“By every standard and every measure, Denver is leading – not because we pulled back, but because we moved forward,” Mayor Hancock said. “And tonight the people of Denver said they want four more years of progress. “We are poised to do something extraordinary here – to take our successes and address the challenges of a thriving city, to take our successes and make sure we are bringing everyone along, to take our successes and keep fighting for those who need a champion in their corner.”

Mayor Hancock congratulated Jamie Giellis for running a spirited and competitive campaign and for drawing attention to some of the key challenges facing the city. He also congratulated all of the other candidates who sought office in the May and June elections, including the other mayoral contenders: Dr. Lisa Calderon, Stephan “Seku” Evans, Kalyn Heffernan and Penfield Tate.

Over the next four years, the Mayor committed to keep taking on the challenges Denver faces head-on with bold solutions and fighting for more affordable housing, to increase wages, help our women- and minority-owned small businesses, reduce traffic congestion, and support our homeless, immigrant, refugee and LGBTQ+ residents.

He closed out the night telling the cheering crowd, “Let’s get back to work!”

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