Mayor Hancock launches his campaign with hundreds of supporters at his childhood rec center

DENVER (January 16, 2019) – Mayor Michael Hancock emerged to roaring applause in his childhood rec center to launch his re-election campaign on Wednesday evening.

Joined onstage by his wife, Mary Louise Lee, and their daughter, Janae, Mayor Hancock outlined his vision for the future of Denver.

In his speech, he said, “Denver will continue to lead the nation on progressive ideas and a modern economy. We will maintain and improve our quality of life with good jobs; opportunities for our kids; beautiful parks; a multi-modal transportation system that meets the needs of a growing and diverse city; and thriving, attractive neighborhoods.”

He reflected on his childhood in Northeast Denver, saying “Growing up in a large family without a lot of resources was tough. We moved from Park Hill, to Montbello, back to Park Hill, then to Whittier and Five Points when we finally secured public housing.”

Mayor Hancock was preceded on stage by three members of the Denver community who shared their personal experiences with teaching Denver’s youth, immigration and running a small business in the historic Five Points neighborhood, respectively.

He introduced his campaign co-chairs, emerging leaders in our community.

“I asked them to join me as the co-chairs of this campaign because the way I look at it, this campaign is about them – about the city we’re going to hand off to them when they pick up the mantle,” he said. “I couldn’t be prouder to stand with these emerging leaders as we walk into the future together, with the experience, inspiration and confidence to lead,” said Hancock.

Those co-chairs include: Jennifer Bacon, Matthew Burkett, Priya Burkett, Ryan Cobbins, Stephanie Donner, Keo Frazier, Mark Goodman, Gregory Hatcher, Hollie Velasquez Horvath, Nneka McPhee, Portia Prescott, Jennifer Rokala, Simon Tafoya, Michelle Trujillo, Amber Valdez and Brooke Wilcken.

Mayor Hancock is working to extend – to everyone – the same types of opportunities that Denver offered to families like his. He’s delivering a more welcoming, modern and progressive city by improving our parks, protecting our climate, fighting for the civil rights of all people and working to ensure everyone has a place in the future of Denver. As the Mayor said in his first campaign in 2011, we are all Denver, and no one should be left behind.

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