Local Elected Officials Across State Send Letters Supporting Senate Bill 181

(March 26, 2019) – Colorado State Capitol- County and municipal elected officials across the state sent letters this month to the Colorado legislature in support of Senate Bill 181, which requires the state’s oil and gas regulatory board to prioritize public health and safety, and gives local governments more authority over development within their communities.

“SB 181 is a commonsense law that would empower local governments to regulate oil and gas operations so that oil and gas development doesn’t compromise public health and safety, air and water quality, wildlife, or property owner rights. It makes sense that local governments should have the authority to protect their constituencies and have a say over development in their own backyards,” La Plata County Commissioner Gwen Lachelt said.

The legislation would also update well integrity standards and crack down on methane emissions and other air pollutants.

Senate Bill 181, Protect Public Welfare Oil And Gas Operations, has gained support from local elected leaders from both the Front Range and Western Slope since its introduction March 1. In their letters to state lawmakers, local officials say the bill would allow them to protect the safety and welfare of their communities while allowing responsible oil and gas development, which supports local economies.

The bill passed the Senate on March 13 and is working its way through the House.

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