Jamie Giellis Wants to Bring Back Denver Street Cars

Denver, Colo. (February 14, 2019) — Today, Jamie Giellis, candidate for Denver Mayor, calls for more intra-city transit in Denver.

Giellis believes it’s time to reconnect Denver’s neighborhoods. Until 1950, Denver had one of the largest streetcar networks in the country. We can reconnect Denver’s neighborhoods using the streetcar model and network from the past and use modern improvements, including electric and solar, to propel us forward for 21st century needs.

“All great cities have two tiers of transit–regional and local transportation that work to move people throughout the city,” said Giellis. “Denver has much of the regional framework, but now it must invest in reducing traffic and moving people within the city.”

Giellis believes that we can fund transit improvements with innovative tools, including exploring ideas such as adding a small fee on every rideshare ride and instituting special districts that capture and invest a portion of the increased value along new transit corridors – tools other cities are using successfully. Additionally, Denver will commit to integrating technology and signage to make use of both local and regional transit networks easy for all.

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