I-70 Project Is Just Wrong

The 1.3 Billion Central I-70 Project Needs to be Stopped Now!

by Aurelio ‘Lelo’ Martinez

DENVER (August 19, 2019) – Interstate 70 does not need to be widened to accommodate the increasing traffic flow, I-70 needs to be closed and shut down.

I-70 is obsolete, keeping this section that invades neighborhoods and communities on life support is only an inconvenience that enhances the present very dangerous situations and conditions to residents throughout the Greater Denver area. A mere band-aid fix that will not solve traffic congestion.

Current View Central I-70 Project
Proposed view Central I-70 Project

Decades ago when this corridor of I-70 and I-25 (Mousetrap) was designed, the highway system was placed along the outskirts of the metropolitan area, it was designed to keep through high-speed traffic from impacting local residents and communities.

For incoming traffic where Denver was the final destination, there were “Business Loops” larger avenues where people would exit and take of business, visit or come home. The I-70 business loop still exists, it’s called Colfax Avenue. Colfax avenue spans the Greater Denver area east-to-west, from Golden to Aurora, exit I-70 at Colfax Avenue near Golden and drive east and you will conveniently be reunited with I-70 in Aurora.

A better proposal would be to reroute/combine I-70 and I-25 onto the 470 Freeway system, and converting the current sections of I-70 and I-25 into “Business Loops”. The metro area sections of I-25 and I-70 are abundant in size and expediently would serve local traffic needs of the over 3 million metro population, over half million commuting employees and the hundreds of thousands of visitors the greater Denver area has today. The proposed reroute of I-70 and I-25 will also be a convenience to through traffic of not having to interact with daily local commuting traffic.

Furthermore, this proposal would eliminate the dangerous elements associated with highway traffic through our communities. High pollution associated with auto emissions, speeding traffic, and high noise levels is some of the treacherous conditions associated with highway traffic in city neighborhoods.

Maybe it’s time to put residents, neighborhoods, and communities first!

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