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Veteran Political Journalist Takes New Communications Director Role

BOULDER – Aug. 10, 2017 – Longtime Colorado political reporter Peter Marcus is joining the national Terrapin Care Station cannabis company as its communications director.

With more than a decade of reporting experience covering Colorado and national politics – including the implementation of marijuana regulations following the Centennial State’s successful 2012 legalization campaign – Marcus will assist in crafting universal cannabis messaging for Terrapin Care Station and the growing industry.

”We’re thrilled to have Peter Marcus join the Terrapin team,” said Christopher Woods, president and chief executive of Terrapin Care Station. “These are exciting times for our company, and Peter’s experience, knowledge, and relationships will be crucial to further cementing Terrapin Care Station’s reputation as a trusted voice in the cannabis industry.”

Marcus first became a reporter after graduating from Ithaca College in 2004 with a degree in journalism. He worked as an intern for the Longmont Times-Call before working his way up to assistant editor at the Denver Daily News, a free daily newspaper that served the Mile High City. From there he worked as a reporter for the Colorado Statesman, a weekly political publication, before becoming the Denver correspondent for the Durango Herald.

Most recently, Marcus helped launch the wildly successful online news site, where he acted as senior statehouse reporter. In his time there, Marcus broke and analyzed some of the top political and legislative stories facing the state. He will stay on at Colorado Politics through August, before joining Terrapin in early September.

“We’re all sad to see Peter go, but we understand he’s passionate about this opportunity,” said Joey Bunch, the senior writer and supervisor of Colorado Politics. “He and I started this together, and he’s been an integral part of what it’s become, the largest, most aggressive political news organization in the state. Terrapin Care Station is lucky to have him, and he’ll do great stuff, just like he always has. Most of all, Peter brings credibility and dedication to whatever he does.”

In his new role, Marcus will help cultivate cannabis messaging in an industry that still faces roadblocks on the national and local levels. Terrapin – one of the first marijuana businesses in Colorado – represents the success story of the industry. The company is quickly expanding from its Boulder, Colo. roots, entering Pennsylvania and Oregon. It has plans to continue on a national trajectory.

In the coming weeks and months, Terrapin Care Station will establish a one-stop online resource for journalists, elected officials, policymakers, industry leaders and business owners, and the general public, where marijuana news, counterpoints, opinions, facts, and data will be presented for free use and consumption.

“Journalism is a career that’s more of a calling than anything else. It lives in your blood, and it’s something that’s incredibly difficult to leave behind,” Marcus said. “Fortunately, this new role allows me to evolve within the field itself.

“I plan to bring the skills I developed as a political reporter in research and messaging, along with the high-level relationships I developed along the way. We will continue to break barriers in an effort to provide adults with a safer alternative.”

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