Coalition Pursuing Citizen’s Veto of National Popular Vote Scheme to Deliver Signatures

Denver, CO (August 1, 2019) – Today Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and Monument Mayor Don Wilson officially delivered more than 227,198 signatures to the Secretary of State to place the National Popular Vote scheme on the November 2020 ballot. As part of the announcement, they also launched Protect Colorado’s Vote, an issue committee created to educate Coloradans on the dangers of the National Popular Vote scheme.

Launch 2020 campaign committee on delivering a record number of signatures

Launch 2020 campaign committee on delivering record number of signatures

“We are humbled by the remarkable support we have received from people across Colorado,” said Pugliese. “Over 2,200 volunteers carried petitions to protect Colorado’s vote for President. This groundswell of grassroots support is not only remarkable, it’s historic. No measure in Colorado’s history has turned in as many signatures collected by volunteers as we did today. A HUGE thank you to the men and women who committed so much time and energy to help put this on the ballot.”

Turning in at least 227,198 signatures, Pugliese, Wilson, and the thousands of volunteers set a new statewide record, shattering the previous record of 212,332. The more than 100,000 signatures collected by volunteers also represents a new record. Signatures were collected from EVERY county in Colorado.

“We will not give our votes for President to California, Illinois, or New York. We will keep our votes for President where they belong, with the voters of Colorado,” Wilson said. “I am so grateful for the volunteers who saw the immediate need to hit the streets collecting signatures. This would not have happened without the time and effort of thousands of Coloradans from every corner of our state. We know the next steps will be just as important as we fight to Veto the National Popular Vote scheme in November of 2020!”

The record number of signatures were collected through volunteer petitioners and Blitz Canvassing, a company with experience in Colorado collecting signatures for statewide measures.

“We could not have done this without our volunteers, and we are grateful for the experience provided by the team at Blitz,” commented Pugliese. “In fact, the Blitz team recommended ending their work two weeks earlier than planned because so many volunteer signatures were being returned. It was awesome to experience.”

The referendum petition filed by Pugliese and Wilson requires 124,632 valid signatures to place Senate Bill 19-042, the National Popular Vote, on the November 2020 ballot. Protect Colorado’s Vote, and others opposed to the National Popular Vote scheme, will ask for a “No” vote on the November 2020 ballot question.

On February 21, 2019, Commissioner Pugliese and Mayor Wilson filed a petition challenging the implementation of Senate Bill 19-042, the National Popular Vote. On Saturday, March 16th, Coloradans Vote started collecting signatures to protect Colorado’s votes for President by putting the National Popular Vote (SB 19-042) adopted by the Colorado Legislature and signed by Governor Jared Polis, on the November 2020 general election ballot.

Proponents of the Citizens Veto, Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese, and Monument Mayor Don Wilson, have worked to build the largest volunteer outreach effort ever mobilized by a statewide initiative or referendum petition. More than 2,200 volunteers circulated petitions to keep Colorado’s votes for President from going to states like California, Illinois, and New York.

More than 227,198 signatures have been collected to place the National Popular Vote scheme on the November 2020 ballot. The signature count represents the most signatures ever gathered to place a measure on the statewide ballot, surpassing the previous record of 212,332. Over 100,000 signatures were collected by volunteers, making it the most successful volunteer effort of its kind in Colorado history.

Top Ten Volunteer Petitioners (Total Signatures):
JM Fay Denver 1219
Lauren Boebert Silt 755
Theresa Martens Centennial 723
Betty Oglesby Delta 690
Evelyn King Loveland 640
Mona Lisa Pascoe Canon City 598
Pamela Poll Pueblo West 593
James Takeda Castle Rock 590
Shandy Deakins Craig 484
Heather Wilson Monument 468

Republicans and Democrats voted against SB 19-042 and former Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper went on record opposing the National Popular Vote scheme in March of this year admitting that, “our Founding Fathers got things pretty right.”

Since then, Nevada’s Democratic Governor vetoed similar legislation there and a bipartisan coalition of legislators killed the same in Maine after much political theater.

We are excited to launch Protect Colorado’s Vote which will serve as the primary committee to educate Coloradans on the dangers of the National Popular Vote and ask people concerned about the National Popular Vote scheme to vote “No” on the November 2020 ballot question. We are confident that Coloradans will exercise their Citizen’s Veto of this poorly conceived political powergrab in November 2020.

Rose Pugliese is a Mesa County Commissioner. In 2016, she was elected to her second term on the Mesa County Commission, where she currently serves as Chair. She is an attorney and lives in Orchard Mesa with her husband and two young children.

Don Wilson is the Mayor of the Town of Monument. He has served on Monument’s Board of Trustees since 2016 as Mayor Pro-Tem, and was elected Mayor in 2018. Mayor Wilson is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and is married with one teenage son.

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