Barry S. Farah announces the release of ‘Go Ahead! Unleash a Contagious Customer Success Culture’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (August 5, 2019) – Barry S. Farah has released his third book in a revolutionary business series: “Go Ahead! Unleash a Contagious Customer Success Culture”. A successful entrepreneur, Farah loves to add value for the customer and crafted his book to set people free to lead their domain, be proactive, and deliver what their customers really want before they ask by unleashing the positive peer-pressure that comes from a customer success culture. “Go Ahead!” provides a road map to creating this powerful culture in all industries of business, religious institutions, non-profits, or anywhere the customer can be served best by a customer success disruption.

“The roots of disruption are within. We often constrain ourselves from offering a great customer experience,” explained Farah. “‘Go Ahead!’ will equip you to gradually disrupt yourself before you are a casualty of a nimble competitor.” The book describes how to provide an inventive service delivery that will help the business make positive shifts in sync with or one-step ahead of the customer. In it, Farah describes how to build a customer success culture, hire the right people, sell with integrity and propose a plan to sustain it.

Arizona’s two-term Governor and CEO of Cold Stone Creamery, Doug Ducey, had this to say, “Barry provides an expansive 7-part definition to distinguish between customer service and customer success. It comes down to energy, passion and preparation. It’s a great mindset for any business or organizational leader to have. This is a fun, fast, inspiring and informative read. I recommend it.”

“Go Ahead! Unleash a Contagious Customer Success Culture” by Barry S. Farah is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major online retailers.

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