Jamie Giellis, Candidate for Denver Mayor, Calls for Creation of Affordable and Accessible Housing Cabinet Position

Denver, Colo. (December 27, 2018) – Denver Mayoral Candidate, Jamie Giellis, is calling for accessible and affordable housing to be separated from the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development and act as a stand-alone agency, headed by a cabinet member that will report directly to the Mayor.

“The issue of accessible and affordable housing in Denver is at a tipping point. Based on last year’s number of missteps around housing eligibility, tracking of low-income home availability and mismanagement of Denver’s affordable housing inventory, it is time for a different approach that increases accountability and transparency,” Giellis said.

The City should be an advocate for accessible and affordable housing, working in coordination with Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) and Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHAFA).

The Giellis Affordable Housing Plan will include the following:

Create an Affordable Housing cabinet position that reports directly to the Mayor

  • Move all staff working directly on affordable housing out of the Office of Economic Development and into a new Accessible and Affordable Housing agency
  • Move all affordable housing funding out of the Office of Economic Development to be managed by the Director of Accessible and Affordable Housing
  • Streamline policies and procedures to expedite funds to build accessible and affordable housing
  • Set clear priorities for tax credits with achievable timelines
  • Open city assets and land for accessible and affordable housing.

Revise the current Housing Advisory Committee to better reflect Denver’s needs. Three strategies for areas of focus:

  • Housing solutions for the homeless and the disenfranchised
  • Housing for the service economy
  • 30-80 percent Area Median Income
  • Hourly workers
  • Housing for the professional workforce
  • 80-120 percent Area Median Income
  • Teachers, public safety including police and firefighters, government employees, young professionals

“Accessible housing is critical for any world class city. The current affordable housing situation in Denver is not working for the majority of people. A clear lack of oversight is evident and there is no clear plan moving forward. The problems around this issue are too big and are impacting too many people continue to ignore.” Giellis added.

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